Certainty in a single patch

Gecko Patch is not a commercial available device & not EU certified per 2019.

Hydration monitoring


Extended hydration monitoring with re:balans® gives you a larger and clearer window into the patient's hydration trends. One week of continuous and remote monitoring helps ensure that critical information is not missed and that healthy fluid balance is maintained.


made easy

We have taken the best out of today's best practices and made it available by making the method more easy to use and portable. With our solution you can monitor patients on any digital device.




Gecko Patch designed to fit a broad range of use cases: 

Better follow-up of hydration status in users

Carefully developed for elderly

Perfect for individuals  or largers communities

Perfect as support tool for the next-of-kin

Designed for comfort and care –

simply a wearable device you don't notice.

Biocompatible materials 

Single use & fully disposable


Skin-friendly contact

Breathable for comfort and durability

Flexi-materials for smooth body adaption.

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