Non-invasive and continuous hydration monitoring.

Re:Balans® enables early prevention of dehydration - just with one simple medical patch. 

re:balans® is not a commercial available device & not CE certified per 2019.

Funded by acknowledged innovation partners 

Trusted by Nordic municipalities


Re:Balans® is a medical patch designed to prevent dehydration in prone patients.

The patch is based on today's best clinical practice – only more simple, available and accurate.

Based on today's best-practice 

Can be placed 

several places on body

7 days uninterrupted monitoring

100% non-invasive 

and comfortable to wear

Single use &

fully disposable

Non-stigmatizing &

easily hidden under clothes


toghether with customers from day 1.

Scandinavian countries are known for having one of the most innovative and patient-focused welfare systems. This is why we have developed our product together with them from day 1. 

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