hydration monitoring.

Fluid management is critical in healthcare. Re:Balans® is a simple and accurate way to assist medical workers in managing hydration in patients.

Currently, only available for

clinical studies and testing.


March/April 2021

Job position: Full-time researcher

Together with Oslo University Hospital we are looking for a full-time principal researcher to plan and conduct multiple studies on our wearable hydration patch.

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October, 2020

Promising results from clinical study on hemodialysis patients

Mode Sensors AS has conducted a clinical study together with the Levanger Hospital. The study followed patients during a hemodialysis procedure and Re:Balans sensor patches were applied on the subjects during the intervention. 
Conclusion: The Re:Balans shows promising ability to detect changes in fluid volume during hemodialysis, and has the potential to become a novel method of managing hydration in patients with chronic kidney disease. Mode Sensors AS is currently working on expanding the clinical program in the chronic renal disease segment. 


January 2021

We are seeking healthy volunteers to participate in a clinical study.

Mode Sensors AS, together with the Arctic University of Norway will conduct a clinical study in March 2021. We are looking for healthy volunteers to participate in the study. All participants are compensated.

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December, 2020

Mode Sensors receives funding from the European Commission.

Mode Sensors is granted 2,5 million euros from the EU's 2020 Horizon Program, with an additional 2 million euro "blended-finance" opportunity.

The European Commission has selected 38 of Europe’s most promising start-ups and SMEs to receive funding to develop and scale-up ground-breaking innovations in Europe. It received over 4200 applications, the highest number ever.

Re:Balans® at a glance

Re:Balans® quantifies changes in hydration to help patients’ stay hydrated, and prevent medical complications caused by fluid imbalances. 

  • Real-time and accurate hydration data

  • Non-invasive and comfortable to wear

  • Water-resistant and flexible for everyday activities. 

  • Wireless communication with e.g. clinical information systems or smart-devices.

  • Suited for remote patient monitoring

Currently available for

clinical studies.

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Our innovation partners

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and development programme under grant agreement No 969065.

Hydration is critical 
in healthcare

Some of the hydration monitoring practices in healthcare have been a limiting factor. Due to an increase in time-pressure, healthcare workers see the need for a simple and reliable tool that provides accurate hydration data.

Re:Balans® is made more accessible to enable healthcare workers to manage hydration in vulnerable patients across healthcare.

Photo: Clinician conducting a clinical study with Re:Balans® sensor patch.

Multiple Clinical applications

We have made fluid monitoring more accessible across healthcare.  Re:Balans® has numerous clinical applications, and has the potential to assist health workers in the following cases, such as:


Renal Care


ICU Fluid Management


Severe Infections 


Cardiovascular Health


Geriatric Care


Gastrointestinal Diseases 

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