hydration monitoring.

Re:Balans® is a simple and accurate way to assist medical workers in managing hydration in patients. Better data about the patients’ hydration can be a life-saver.

Currently, only available for

clinical studies and testing.


January 2021

We are seeking healthy volunteers to participate in a clinical study.

Mode Sensors AS, together with the Arctic University of Norway will conduct a clinical study in March 2021. We are looking for healthy volunteers to participate in the study. All participants are compensated.

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December, 2020

Mode Sensors receives funding from the European Commission.

Mode Sensors is granted 2,5 million euros from the EU's 2020 Horizon Program, with an additional 2 million euro "blended-finance" opportunity.

The European Commission has selected 38 of Europe’s most promising start-ups and SMEs to receive funding to develop and scale-up ground-breaking innovations in Europe. It received over 4200 applications, the highest number ever.


October, 2020

Promising results from clinical study on hemodialysis patients

Mode Sensors AS has conducted a clinical study together with the Levanger Hospital. The study followed patients during a hemodialysis procedure and Re:Balans sensor patches were applied on the subjects during the intervention. 
Conclusion: The Re:Balans shows promising ability to detect changes in fluid volume during hemodialysis, and has the potential to become a novel method of managing hydration in patients with chronic kidney disease. Mode Sensors AS is currently working on expanding the clinical program in the chronic renal disease segment. 

Re:Balans® at a glance

Re:Balans® quantifies changes in hydration to help patients’ stay hydrated, and prevent medical complications caused by fluid imbalances. 

  • Real-time and accurate hydration data

  • Non-invasive and comfortable to wear

  • Water-resistant and flexible for everyday activities. 

  • Wireless communication with e.g. clinical information systems or smart-devices.

Currently available for

clinical studies.

Hydration is critical 
in healthcare

Some of the hydration monitoring practices in healthcare have been a limiting factor. Due to an increase in time-pressure, healthcare workers see the need for a simple and reliable tool that provides accurate hydration data.

Re:Balans® is made more accessible to enable healthcare workers to manage hydration in vulnerable patients across healthcare.

Photo: Clinician conducting a clinical study with Re:Balans® sensor patch.

Multiple Clinical applications

We have made fluid monitoring more accessible across healthcare.  Re:Balans® has numerous clinical applications, and has the potential to assist health workers in the following cases, such as:


Renal Care


ICU Fluid Management


Severe Infections 


Cardiovascular Health


Geriatric Care


Gastrointestinal Diseases 


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